Election Security

Secure Mail in Ballot System

To improve upon the security of the mail-in ballot involves the creation of several secure database repositories and the verification infrastructure to valid/count votes quickly.

1. Upon any death in any state, the identity of the deceased must be logged into a secure statewide database that feeds a secure federal database.

2. Each voter must have scanned into a statewide database a signature. This signature will feed a federal signature database.

3 The infrastructure software will compare/count any electronically scanned mail-in ballot and must incorporate the following rules:

i. if no signature card exists matching the submitted ballot, the ballot is voided.

ii. if the ballot is determined to be a duplicate, then all ballots of the duplicate set are voided.

iii. if the mail-in ballot is determined to match a person reported as deceased, then the ballot is voided.

Note: other criteria, such as, felons who have lost the right to vote, non-citizen, underage and any other disqualifying condition are address through other systems that will perform further checks on the output from these systems.


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