Academic Engagement

School suicide and shootings

The idea to help prevent school/teen suicide would be to promote such programs that would educate teens on the possibility of "what comes after?" Including assemblies where people who have experienced death and recovery after suicide. Hell seems to be the prevailing experience and a descriptive example coming from an actual survivor may be the key. Also... In regard to school shootings... Education would also be the tool. Education that would reach far inside the rare mind, that seems to exist in most schools. The mind of a shooter(s). Bringing into schools... Under guard, with waist/wrist/ankle chains... Someone who has done or almost done such a crime. I'd have them explain every second of every day in incarceration. At lunch time... I'd bring in the food they normally would eat. I'd have that person serving their sentence teaching others, his peer's, what an eternity of suffering for a moment of brain numbness would actually be. Theis own personal Hell. A hard exposure and then drag them to the closest county jail to await the next assembly in the next town. Education... Exposure to reality in mass. Everyone must be there. 100% attendance. This... Along with new materials to be introduced into subjects already being taught.



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