Academic Engagement

School shooting safety

All schools should equip themselves with Bulletproof wall pannels that act as riot shields. These riot shields could save many lives by blocking line of sight and giving the students a chance to defend themselves from many potential acts of terror. If we cannot stop the shooters from entering the school and shooting then lets stop the bullets from reaching there intended targets

These pannels could also decend from the celing to obscure the shooters line of sight while acting as bullett proofe barriers that could act on sound recognition as well as from remote opporation.

These riot shilds should be in all governmental buildings and anywhere that firearms are allowed. This should prove especially true in states like georgia where guns are allowed almost everywhere.


Other ideas to bulletproofe ourselves:


Bulletproof book covers and back packs


Removeable bulletproofe desk tops for portable riot shields in schools for students and teachers


Bulletproof vest and panic pillows for all students.



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