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School Security from Gunmen.

Our leaders are NOT thinking out of the box regarding school student safety and protection. It has become a political party issue instead of a joint effort to find a solution. My idea is to consolidate a school facility and small police detachment at each school. This would be a permanent location for a small detachment of policemen that can also react to concerns in the geographic area. The school would be ringed by an 8’ tall fence with concertina wire at the top. At the gate entrance of the fence would be policemen who would greet all students and ensure they place their bags through one of several screening system, similar to TSA at an airport. There would be a weather proof tunnel after the students pass through a metal detector allowing them to walk about 150’ to the official entrance to the school. Students, School Administration people, Teachers, and ALL who want to enter the school WILL go through the screening system. No vehicles, with the exception of logistic vehicles, will be allowed inside the ringed area. A small detachment of police will be used for school security and respond to neighborhood problems 24/7. This system would not require major modifications to the schools and in areas where two or more levels of schools exist, (i.e., pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school) the fence could ring all of them and staggering the school start and end times to keep from congesting the screening of students.



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