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School Mass shooter safety

Currently watching the Listening session on Mass shooting. They spoke upon entry into our schools is too easy. The ease of accessing a school are due to the many access points that students and staff use at any given moment. An individual can have student or staff member open one of these doors and by pass any safety check or main entrance. Or follow a student or students inside when the door is opened. Due to this ease of access, protecting a school is nearly impossible!



1. Limit access to doors that students use except for emergency evacuation and put alarms those doors to deter unlawful access.


2. Use a system of two revolving doors with bullet proof/resistant glass and metal detectors at the main entrance and/or main exit. These types of doors will control the flow of individuals and alleviate many of the identified failures of the more traditional entrance ways.


a. The revolving doors only will allow a student to enter one at a time and will only rotate one direction. One revolving door for entering the school and the other for exiting the school.


3. During times of high volume of foot traffic, such as the beginning of school, lunch, recesses or the end of school, open the traditional swinging doors but have a guard (in uniform or plain clothes) with metal detectors stationed inside the doors. If no formal guard of officer is available use a trained staff member on conflict resolution or with a concealed carry permit with firearm training or stungun / taser. Beyond the guard or trained staff member have other staff members be on a safety committee that also are present at these high traffic times that can aid the guard/ lead staff member in vetting the students, parents and unknown individuals that might enter.


4. Outside of these times of high traffic have the rotating doors into the school locked and only by being buzzed in (electronic lock) by a guard or the main office before anyone enters. Prior to being buzzed in identification is done by intercom and video camera. Ask the individual who they are and what their business they have in entering the school. All scheduled meetings with outside individuals (parent-teacher conf., vendors or etc.) with staff must be preplanned and the guard or office attendant must be informed prior to visitor entering. If not a preplanned event or if guard or office was not informed, the staff member involved with the meeting must come to the office and vouch for the visitor.


a. The exit-revolving door is always unlocked, but again it is only a one-way door and can not be used as an entrance since it will only rotate in one direction.



These steps among others (not presented here) might aid in decreasing or possibly eliminating mass shootings with in schools due to the ease of access an assailant currently has.



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