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Riot's control

Need to start thinking out of the box, the Rioters are in a lot of cases have protective like law enforcement so Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, and Paintballs are ineffective. Need to develop a oil base spray on the odor of the skunk spray anyone who has experience or has a dog knows how bad the smell is and how hard and long to the get rid of it, So even after the riots you'll known whos been there. Also a chemical base on the smell of dead fish after a large fish kill or odor of a large road killed animal can make quite nauseating experience that can last awhile if stuck to your body. The Firetruck water cannons some have suggested are also a good option especially with the colder months coming, Being wet in the freezing cold well take the fight out of anyone. The Anti-Pirate sound device us on ships may be another option for riot control. Not sure if legal but the larger stungun batons would be better than wooden one because anyone hit with one of these would experience the same effects of be tazered, And you can fight being handcuffed laying on the ground numb.



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