Election Security

Return to Paper Ballots

Computer experts have identified vulnerabilities to our election process when using electronic methods. Voting machines can be programmed to flip votes to a specific candidate using a few second delay so the voter is unaware this has taken place, unless the voter goes back to review their entire ballot on the machine. Even in areas where paper ballots are used, scanning machines can be programmed to fractionalize or skip the votes of a certain candidate. I can't remember all the different methods that could be used to tamper with our electronic voting process, but months ago I saw a presentation by computer experts that literally gave me chills. I have also been disappointed to find out that some places will almost immediately destroy paper ballots after they have been scanned so there is no possible verification process.


Most of us want honest elections. Unfortunately there are some who will tamper with the electronics to try to guarantee their desired candidate wins. I propose a return to paper ballots throughout the country and the elimination of voting machines. I also propose that, if scanning machines are used for that quick report of election results (because I realize that Americans want to know election results as quickly as possible and will not want to wait for a manual count of the votes), that ALL the ballots must also be hand-tabulated to verify that the scanned results are indeed correct. Yes, this may take a couple weeks before the official results are verified. But isn't it worth the additional time to have some confidence that electronic systems tampering has been prevented?



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