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Remote Neural Monitoring and "illnesses" Off Topic

With all of the language about mysterious illnesses that are not diagnosed, at the Whitehouse areas and in Cuba, I have a suggestion that the cause is from the illegal use of Remote Neural Monitoring. Electro-magnetic waves are transmitted into the auditory nerve and do cause vestibular affects to the person being monitored. This means that dizziness, vertigo can ensue, and the amplified version with high decibels can cause high blood pressure which can increase the risk of stroke. Remote Neural Monitoring can therefore cause falls and accidents. My point of view also is that the Federal Government knows exactly what it is and that it is being used to spy on people, violating our Constitutional Rights to privacy/confidentiality. I doubt that it is by foreign enemies, more likely from political opponents committing treason. The use of Remote Neural Monitoring is treasonous behavior and the replication of the stolen IP blueprints is espionage. This technology was only supposed to be used by Special Forces, not loser politicians or Hollywood queers who are paranoid over their pedophilia. The Federal Government and President need to crack down on the illegal use of it and stop the language like all citizens of this country are stupid.


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