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Recruiting college students into DHS

I would highly appreciate it ,if there was a way for a 29 or 35 year old college student to have access in information on how to join the DHS ,and what jobs are available for such applicant's such as my self with little to no college education . I my self dropped out of college in 2014 to go to Ukraine where I enlisted in the Ukrainian Navy and served for 5 years . I served as a Police Grenadier in the Naval infantry of Ukraine ,I had enlisted in Ukrainian Navy as a foreigner because I wanted to fight communism in 2014 . I have combat experience from the battlefield ,but now I want to serve my home country the United States of America , and I want to be a leader and lead young men into combat one day . I come from a military family ,my cousin married a 101st Airborne soldier named Chad Trimble who past away late August of 2008 in from his wounds he received in Afghanistan ,he died in a German hospital . I hold that man's story to my heart ,he used to babysit me when I was a kid . My grandpa Bruno Galassi served in the 4th Parachute Division of the Luftwaffe which consisted of many Italian soldier's who fought for Germany during WWII . On my mom's side my Grandpa brothers a distant relative of mine ,had served in the Bulgarian Cavalry Regiment of the Waffen SS and he too fought for Germany during WWII. I my self had witness such grandiose acts courage in Eastern Ukraine against the communist insurgency in 2015 and 2016 , I had lost many good friends I met in naval infantry school ,one of my best friends Ahmed Stippez was a Tartar Ukrainian national who was killed by artillery fire in Donbass in 2015 . He was a proud Tartar Muslim volunteer soldier and fought gallantly for his nation .


I now feel that I have a purpose to have partake on such a war on communism that I fought for 3 long years in Eastern Ukraine ,it is that now I feel that I should be a leader to youth of my Homeland , I should extend my everlasting fight with communism just , only this time it will be to protect my American brothers and sisters from having to struggle against such a modern force of Bolshevism that during day operates as protestors and average everyday college professors but by then operates as a insurgency by night .

I hope to earn a degree in criminal justice ,so I then can partake on my venture into DHS ,where I can use my skills the Ukrainian Navy had gifted me ,then there I shall start a new task with tackling communist uprisings in the United States of America.


It will be a long time goal for me to have accomplished such a task , my servitude only extends to the United States of America ,my ethos is that of Nationalism intertwined Valor and dignity .


I am a Nationalist , I am the counter to such communism ,give us Nationalist millennials a chance to serve and I promise , communist in America would be eradicated to such a degree where us Nationalist would be the new heroes on the block ,watching over America during such times of struggle .


All I ask for is for the DHS to open it's doors to college students who are interested in fighting communism .


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