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Recommendations To Increase Vaccine Participation Rates in the 18-29 Age Group

The overall rate of COVID-19 (Covid) vaccinations in the U.S. has continued to drop since mid-April.  Accordingly, it has become incumbent on DHS/FEMA and their vaccination program partners to innovate and find effective ways to increase the rate of Covid inoculations among the non-vaccinated population.  The media is reporting that the least likely age group to get vaccinated is the 18-29 year-old segment.  One idea to potentially motivate people in this age group to get vaccinated is to use the large outdoor stadiums and parking lots that are currently serving as mass vaccination sites and arrange concerts at these locations performed by music artists that are popular with young adults, and offer free concert tickets to anyone who gets vaccinated before the concert.   Similar concerts targeted at the 12-15 year-old age group could be held as well, because approval of the Pfizer Covid vaccine for this age group is in the final stages this week. 

BMills, FEMA


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