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Real Gun Laws can be enacted

March 2, 2018




Appreciate the “caliber” of this presentation as you will.


Inarguably for most Americans, there must be several legislative acts to, at minimum, reduce gun violence. Here are some suggestions:


• Outlaw the sale to civilians ALL war weapons, i.e.: machine guns, RPGs, Flame Throwers, etc.

• Outlaw the manufacturing and sale of “bump stocks”

• Outlaw the sale of ALL high capacity magazines, including those for side arms or pistols

• Outlaw the manufacturing of specialized bullets, such as so-called “cop killers”, or hollow point bullets, and armor-piercing bullets

• Track and provide to ALL law enforcement agencies ALL gun and ammunition purchase records

• Design and provide to ALL law enforcement agencies specialized or signature information on ALL ammunition

• Compose and pass national, as in overarching legislation that effectively supersedes state’s gun laws (The Supreme Court accomplished such a feat of will. Now all states are required to allow same-sex marriage.)

• Require that ALL federal, state, and city law enforcement agencies comprehensively and readily communicate with each other ALL information on file concerning potentially violent actors

• Require that ALL schools and other public access institutions provide to local authorities all suspicious or otherwise concerning speech, behavior, and publications (social media, et al)

• Build and provide a comprehensive database of past offenders and those with psychological disorders tending violent

• Design and fully fund research into the causes of violence, early detection and easy access reporting systems for family members, friends, teachers, students, and law enforcers, early treatment of those exhibiting violent actions or tendencies, general mental health studies and professional analysis

• Do not tell us what cannot be done! “Where there is a will, there is a way” is undeniably applicable to this peculiar to America epidemic.



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