Border Security

Purge Wash DC Deep State for Wall funding, etc.

Have to purge DC Deep State, Think Tanks, assoc whose detering the Wall & Natl Security alone

Academia, Media etc.

Or we lose the Wall & Our security

Sample groups:

La Raza


Pro Immigration illegal Law firms etc

in DC, VA, MD alone.

Both parties.

Why see no wall progress when DC alone Is" stalling" wall vs others.

See Russia probe & White House seeking documents & DOJ slow walk for documents, same for Wall.

All show & No Go.

Examine any DC Organz whose Pro Immigration Illegal, Open Borders, anti defense etc in DC.

DC is OUR Enemy.

Groups like FAIR, etc WANT the Wall as do these

AMAC, VFW, Am Legion, AAM, Fox News, Fox Business,

AARP is Anti Wall & Pro bigger Govt

& add your own to Mix.

See Netflix serial House of Cards to see how DC Really governs??

ID businesses whose Pro Illegal: Starbucks, Progressive, etc too.



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