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Psychoacoustics Closed loop neurostimulation Solutions for Homeland security activities - NeuroAudit Technologies

About Us

We are At NeuroAudit Technologies from Israel.

AT NeuroAudit we are developing Psychoacoustics neurostimulation.

Solutions based on innovation combined with Neuromonitoring ,fit for Homeland security activities to make intervention in neuro effect on humans and Civilian population.

While the HLS industry is concentrating its efforts on developing technologies for coping with a world in flux, NeuroAudit utilizes Neuropsychological technologies in a noninvasive manner to promote solutions for Homeland security & Public safety.

NeuroAudit's unique brain-stimulating technology aims to implement code-based algorithm models designed for use in a wide variety of applications.

NeuroAudit's product vision provides to get of neurological affect by continuously monitoring the brain condition while effectively analyzing the measured data and controlling the real-time brain stimulation.

NeuroAudit conducts monitoring tests under its unique stimulus protocols, to better understand the impact on neurological conditions and to address brain disorders to get neuro effect.

NeuroAudit develops other applications in the security world, and we will be glad to elaborate more about our unique technology.

In addition, based on NeuroAudit's unique capabilities, we continuously look at additional possible applications.

The key product developments NeuroAudit relies on:

  1. Means to create a range neurological effect up to approximately 120 m for a variety of purposes such as:

• Deterrent effect with psychoacoustic modulations to make intervention in changing situations in a civilian population.

• Lasting impact on a person to create a point effect according to need, augmented with unique neuromodulation in changing situations.

  1. Means to expand cognitive abilities of brain activity and to create brain hearing ,sensation such as:

• Extending the human hearing range as a means of transmitting information directly to the brain through the body without relying on the auditory system (through the ears).

• Means to improve cognitive performance using psychoacoustic modulations.

  1. Means for using psychoacoustics in Civilians population such as:

• Use of psychoactive modulations to create a deterrent effect on human beings.

• Using psychoacoustic modulations to change mental states for HLS needs.

  1. NeuroAudit has technology (in development), for additional anti-human purposes and first step of psychoacoustic modulations Cyber fields (Computers against human).e.g. sfx Signal.

We are asking to promote a dialog to cooperate and keep exploring the approach of Neuromodulation and to find collaboration opportunities to promote our Solutions.

Please contact us.

NeuroAudit Team



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