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Protection of our Information Systems

` As the United States. becomes more advanced and reliant on technology, the Department of Homeland Security has to implement along with enforce, updated procedures to enhance the protection of our information systems. In past and present years, multiple leaks related to highly classified documentation has spread across the United States and overseas. Although DHS has not been out cased in particular, a lot of its closely related intelligence agencies has. Such intelligence agencies as the NSA, CIA, FBI, and the list goes on. Nearly more than half the time, all leaks are relayed through the cyber world by different organizations such as social media sources, news outlets, and organized network activists. In relation to how such organizations obtain classified information, usually connects back to the aspect of authorized insiders.


Authorized insiders are particular personnel within an organization that hold high levels of clearance in order to access and obtain classified information. By doing so, the individual has the authority to obtain data from one of the great assets known to the U.S. today, information systems. As inside threats continue to be on an up rise, DHS has to take into consideration the surrounding family agencies that have been affected by such breaching, and implement updated and enhanced protocol measures to allow better protection of information systems before it is too late. It is part of the DHS mission to “safeguard and secure cyberspace” and one of the ways to do so is by securing their information systems first to better protect our homeland security. By building such protocols and putting forth implementation, DHS has a greater chance to refrain from being breached along with enabling better protection of their highly classified information. DHS will not only be securing their enterprise as a whole, but the civilians protected under their agency. Building a strong technological background on a world that amplifies interconnections and technological dependencies, DHS, as well as our nation, can fulfill a safe, secure, and resilient atmosphere.



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