Border Security

Protect U.S. Homeland against Deep State Biowarfare by Domestic Compartmentalization through Guarded Walls at Internal Borders

For the security of the U.S. Homeland: compartmentalize the country by building & guarding walls between internal U.S. states; that is: guard internal borders such that the deep state (which is in collusion with the CCP) will NOT be able to destroy America by releasing a second/third/etc. wave of Corona-virus (e.g. COVID20). The logic is simple: if one particular state falls, the rest will remain socially & economically functional.

There is also the possibility that any kind of lockdown measures may become part of the semi-sovereignty of individual states instead of being the responsibility of the U.S. presidency at the federal level. This down-passing of accountability would both allow for a diversification strategy to get any kind of virus under control, while it would also destress/relief the president of task load.

During peaceful & secured times internal borders can be open at interstate highways, but during insecure periods and/or in case of a warfare situation internal borders must be partially closed. Although domestic trade can go on, it should be limited to only physical goods. Social & intellectual services can be exchanged online via the Internet, while transport personnel should be switched at the passing of goods over interstate borders. All of this can be enforced by interstate customs directed by the Department of Homeland Security itself.



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