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I recently saw 4 American airports and noted that none of them performed any form of Coronavirus screening for arrivals or departures. While all airports had nearly universal mask use, ensuring passengers were relatively safe during travel, this does nothing to stop the seeding of Coronavirus in other communities, especially at events such as family dinner.

Although this can come off as a theoretical concern, it must be noted that on my flights, there was notable coughing by various passengers. This is worsened by the fact that 49 states do not enforce their 14 day quarantine measures, effectively inviting the virus to find more hosts and ensuring we are having one 9/11 of Coronavirus deaths every 2-3 days.

Let's add some degree of pre-screening measures at our ports of entry, especially our airports, such as:

  1. deploying Coronavirus detecting dogs (they can detect Coronavirus in seconds, be trained in a week, and have >80% detection, even for pre-symptomatic or asymptomatics)

  2. deploying Rapid Coronavirus detecting tests

  3. requiring a negative Coronavirus test a few days prior to travel

  4. not allowing individuals who test positive to fly or performing a monitored quarantine on them if they have flown. A positive case which does not quarantine is a walking biohazard.

  5. push states to actually enforce their border quarantines


I contacted one of the airports recommending they include stricter measures, but this simply resulted in their citing DHS and CDC policies. They didn't seem interested strengthening the existing safeguards.


Given the prevalence of Coronavirus in the US, it is imperative that we help prevent states from having Coronavirus (re)imported into their communities. As every case which doesn't happen, frees our medical staff to better help those who are sick.


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