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Ongoing Massive data breaches

Data breaches like Equifax and Yahoo will continue to occur without some kind of dramatic change. What is being done to protect those whose identities have been stolen. So far all I see are bandaids and paid for subscriptions to trusted i.d. etc. Isn't there something that is being done or could be done to protect us further? Another layer of security unique to the individual beyond a paper generated social security number? Cell phone companies use very sophisticated tumbling authentication algorithms to assure a legitimate paid for call is being made. No kidding; they'll make sure accounts receivable are collected. It's too easy for either a software code or negligence to trust any major organization to plug all the holes effectively. We need an individual form of authentication as a layer above the social security number. Is this being worked, studied or even considered?


Yeah we should hold the Equifax CEO accountable and it should set an example but it won't work.



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