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Ohio COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Plan Should Be Adopted Nationwide

On May 12, 2021, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine held a press conference to announce an incentive plan to get more Ohioans vaccinated.  The Governor described a two-prong plan that will:

1.  Let any Ohioan age 18 and over enter their name in a lottery to be held every Wednesday for five weeks if they have had at least one Covid-19 (Covid) vaccination shot.  The weekly winners will be awarded one million dollars.  To fund this program, the state is using federal funding provided to Ohio to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic emergency.

2.  The Governor also announced that the second prong of the incentive program will allow all Ohioans in the 12-17 year-old age group who get a COVID-19 vaccination, to enter their name in a weekly drawing to be held once a week for five weeks.  The weekly winners will be awarded a full four-year scholarship to any Ohio state college.  Tuition, Room and Board, and textbooks will be covered by these scholarships.

This incentive program has significant potential to increase the Covid vaccination rate in the state of Ohio.  DHS/FEMA and their Covid vaccine program partners should contact all U.S. State,Territorial, and Tribal government leaders and encourage them to set up similar vaccination incentive programs.  The federal government should also explore setting up a similar incentive program of their own, because this type of incentive program has the ability to save many lives and allow the U.S. to reach a Covid immunity level that will bring the COVID-19 Pandemic in America under control. 



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