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Need to conduct national audit of all law enforcement agencies records - 3 strikes and you are OUT

DHS needs to conduct an independent audit of all law enforcement agencies, not just the police, and enter into a database ALL police shootings, beatings, and complaints. Any law enforcement officer with 3 complaints or inappropriate behavior needs to be terminated immediately! No Exceptions. All law enforcement personnel need to be put through rigorous psychological examinations and racial/sexual orientation bias exams. if ANYTHING is found, they cannot be hired! Total law enforcement reform needs to happen now. I don't care if every single officer will be terminated or not. There are plenty more good people in need of jobs!

This needs to be done right away with FULL TRANSPARENCY and PUBLICITY to help calm all the rioting! ENOUGH. Let the facts speak for themselves no matter what RACE or SEXUAL Orientation the victims were. Those also need to be calculated. It is not just the Black population at risk here~! ALL races are at risk. Brutality is brutality - humans are human!



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