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Currently I am taking an anti terrorism centered degree but couldn't help to think that the real security issue for the United States is the government and companies. It takes more effort to realize that a person's thinking can be wrong and have negative effects. Political corruption has more impact on the security of a nation then terrorism. The United States isn't defined by the government but by the people. When the government has more power than the people we are no longer free people, but the Constitution is supposed to prevent that. However!... A parchment can not save the people from political corruption, hence the DOD, ATF, DHS, and so on need take a stand on issues concerning political corruption that goes against the Constitution. The moments when a Department of the government bends to corrupt demands is when this country will experience more and more issues concerning national security. The big thing to remember is the American people pay the government. National Security dependent on the well being of the people not political interests. It is honestly disappointing to see a department infringe on constitutional rights because they interpret words differently or change their meanings. The also shouldn't be a double standard between politicians/companies and the people when it comes to breaking the law example. Hillary Clinton's incidents with Classified material. In the military this would have been a security violation and considering the amount of classified there was, she should have lost her job if not prison. There really needs to be investigation into the political control the media is able to brainwash people with. There is freedom of speech but also false advertisement/lying. You can watch two different news stations that say the opposite things. You may ask how does this concern homeland security, well just look at the far left and right. They were created by basically political corruption in short. Where there is a huge division in the country there is bound to be conflict/war, which should concern the DHS. As I see and hear people talking there will at some point be a war between the right and left. The Government will have to decide what side to pick. In a case of a civil war I would bet all my money on that a majority of the military would go awol to defend their freedoms and family, for which ever side. Now this would definitely pose a huge risk to national security because of a reduced military. UCMJ won't stop someone with a higher calling. It kind of like how terrorist follow their beliefs and are hard to indoctrinate them back into society. Now this might not happen in a year or two but it the government oppresses the freedoms of which ever side or they don't get their way there is bound to be conflict. This correlation is similar to how extremist come about. This is my observation of the state of the country as of 13May20.


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