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Marine borne bombing threat suggested by dream 11-19-18


standing in front of my driveway facing north, I turned west to see what appeared to be an SR71 at about 5,000 feet flying through clouds heading due east. I rotated east to follow this spectacular sight. Trying to make a definitive determination as to its being an SR71 as clouds obscured ID, it appeared to have a hybrid tail section like F4 Phantom. having passed well over my HB home heading east, it turned north banking hard to take up new west heading. Aircraft transformed into advanced warship (1990s Destroyer?) vessel with massive smokestack with disproportionate fire emerging from top of smokestack. The fire was catastrophic in appearance and not appearing to threaten vessel or growing in size. I do not remember as of this writing if the vessel was unstable as it was flying through air heading west at ~x,000s feet altitude. Having flown into distance west it began banking hard South it takes up a new heading east again but descending. it soon had a heading for homes on my street, certainly in my direction. Now at hundreds of feet altitude and bearing slightly off to my right as i looked west at its approaching, it continued to descend and maneuvered to take up a course between homes on my street and the street to the North - in the backyards and very low. . .treetop level. Proceeding through numerous backyards, it again vered south and emerged to the east on my street, heading east. As it approached the end of my street, I predicted impact in the next few seconds, grabbing my cell phone to report to 911 and ran towards the impending impact to assist. Dream ended.

I would not think much of this but before Sept 11, I had a similar dream of vintage WWII era silverish (chrome?) bomber flying at ~15,000? feet altitude with a disproportionate wind mounted device looking like a bomb far far too big for aerodynamics. It was flying unstable and began to do barrel rolls to try and maintain level flight which it could not. It was able to generally speaking target its intended victim but was having massive problems doing so. My vantage point changed from above this aircraft peering down at it, to seeing it from below on the driveway of my old residence. Now watching it turning to target me on my driveway, I thought to run but didn't, with this obvious terrorist (nuclear?) bomb descending and bearing straight at me. Before impact dream ended. this was probably a few days before Sept 11. I very quickly remembered my dream after Sept 11 and was baffled. Incidentally, i joined a routine prayer meeting at my church (CCCM 92704) the day of this dream to pray about a pending nuclear attack. Brian B. was on point for this prayer ministry in the early mornings every day.

I just want to memorialize with authorities as I consider last night's dream significant and close to the aircraft bomb of Sept 11. This seems to be a marine vessel bomb.


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