Election Security

Mail in ballots should be nationalized along with having a bi-partisan watchdog group in every district for oversight.

Given the current status of Covid-19 and the absolute need to continue social distancing for the next several months if not years, going to a nationwide system of mail-in ballots along with automatic voter registration for anyone born in or naturalized in the USA would make for much fairer elections, especially for those who can't take time off work to stand in line for hours to vote. A bipartisan citizen oversight council could be formed in every district to ensure fair elections take place. A citizens oversight board could also be used to prevent gerrymandering by elected officials by having the citizens' group stick to some simple rules. 1. The district must be condensed into mostly conformed square or make sense regarding demographics. 2. No long winding looking districts except along coastlines if necessary. 3. Every district must contain a similar number of people with variations of less than 20 people difference between districts. 4. Computer modeling software can be used provided all pertinent information is entered on every household. 5. The citizens' board should be made up of no less than 12 people and be appointed by voters in the district or appointed by county governments with a need for bipartisanship and diversity. 6. 2/3 of the people on the board can oust any member for just cause. 7. The board members shall create their own rules for ethics and conduct in accordance with prevailing laws. 8. In the event of a recount, board members will help in that process to get through it quickly and accurately. The board members will do their own certification of the results of every election. 9. In the case of a dispute of results, the courts will be used to settle the dispute. 10. Board members shall be entitled to a per diem wage of not more than $300 for each day they work on an election with a maximum of 60 days.


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