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MY Holy Trinity Poem


12/24/2020 The Father Son + Holy Ghost the ReaL Trinity Never Forget Angels Are ReaL they Look Out For You + Me & words which I write they are So Simple Just Like a Christmas Tree I came From the Faithful branch For the WORLD to See Do You See the Miracles & the Power In My Words Did You See the Little Grass hoppers while You were Walking Down the Road & Did You See them Dragon FLys & Hear those Humming Birds Did You See the Eagle eyes So Faithful & BOLD Did You Save the Dolphins TaiL & Help Save the Whales Did You Read the Book Of Love & See the Holy GraiL Do You Always Do Your Best Did You Hear ALL those Tears Now Do You think that I Make a Difference Where have You been all these Years Did You See that Shooting STAR FLY WAY Across the SKY Did You ever STOP & THINK & Now Do You Wonder WHY Did You make a SPECIAL wish Do You Know GOD makes Dreams Come True WALK with Me for a while the Words that I write are True & Did You HELP that Child of GOD who was WALKING with No Coat Walking Against the Wind & Rain Or Did You buy a New Boat & Do You cry for Just a while when You watch the News I WALKED Down that Road One Day & EVERYONE Must Choose & I WiLL Never Forget her she such a Cutie Pie & in her Hair was a barrette & I Didn't Ask her WHY & then she gave twenty Dollars to go in the Store & For her I bought Four Bottles of POP then I WALKED BACK out the Door & I handed her the money back but she told Me to keep the Change & then I watched her walk away So You think MY Poems Are Strange Do You believe in Miracles Now & Do MY words make You Wonder Did You See Me WALK through that TORNADO STORM & See Lighting HaiL & THUNDER See I AM Just a Simple American MAN I Do the Best I Can I Live in CRESTWOOD ILLinois ( See FootPrints In the Sand ) & JESUS Christ He Loves You too & ANGELS ARE REALLY REAL : ) GOD BLESS THE USA See MY words make You FEEL : ) Written from MR MiCHAEL THOMAS ORTiZ & Jesus Christ iz REAL




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