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For some strange reason, my profile indicates I have been a member of since 2015. This information is false. I have been a member since 2010/2011 and I have contributed hundreds of ideas. Yet most of these ideas don't appear on anymore. The original list of contributors was in the thousands of people and the original number of ideas was about 7000. Now I see on this site of DHS Ideas, that some newcomers who arrived much later than us, ie 2016, are mimicking our original ideas as their own. What's going on here? And why isn't Homeland Security doing anything about it? Furthermore, why are they not answering the phone when we call in to speak to someone? Those of us in the original groups for the most part had backgrounds in science and engineering/computer science. We are highly qualified people that know what we're doing. We deserve some respect. The original discussions on cybersecurity on need to return to that site.



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