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Lawyer accompaniment for law enforcement

Lawyers should accompany law enforcement in several areas in America. This would allow the citizen to fully understand their rights and ensure that the law is enforced correctly by adding a third party to the situation. This would ease tensions in highly problematic areas and could prevent violent altercations between the citizen and the officer by adding a third party intermediary to interact with the citizen instead of the officer as the lawyer has superior knowledge of the law. Lawyers would also be more trusted and should have an easier time communicating with the citizens of certain communities who do not like or trust law enforcement. As law officers may have many highly frustrating interactions on a daily basis this could raise the stress levels of the officer and cause him or her to act inappropriately given the situation. The presence of a lawyer would also give the lawyer a first hand account of certain situations and problems could be noted by the lawyer and brought to the proper authorities to help bring about positive changes by helping to altering existing laws in a more fitting and practical manner that makes our society safer and the jobs of the law enforcement easier and less stressful. If we are given a right to an attorney the most practical and desirable time to have one is before the point of arrest and should be seen as a requestable right and will also ensure that the law is upheld, as it should be, to prevent unnecessary arrests and that the correct charges are given and ensure that a fair trial is given by offering the most basic of necessary legal assistance. I believe that having a lawyer assist the law enforcement would also save the government a substantial amount of money in unnecessary legal proceedings and help speed up the entire legal process essentially creating a more efficient state in this area of the government helping to ensure due process.



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