Keeping Free Speech Platforms Up In Times of Crisis

Amazon Web Services (AWS) just took down Parler, in violation of the Constitution. The company is a traitor and threat to the country's national security.

1. Allow Parler to use DHS broadband/internet access as a temporary fix to keep the site up, which would ensure United States citizens can communicate during this time of crisis without being censored.

2. If DHS uses AWS, take over AWS for now, until the crisis is over. If you can't take it over, shut it down.

Doesn't FCC have spectrum (broadband) that they sell on the open market? Take it and use that to ensure the Parler and such sites don't go down.

Put out a call to developers. I guarantee you there are a lot of developers who created 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' like platforms who were buried by the tech monopolies. Put out a call to them. Tell them you are seeking a government-run social media platform that would be equal to the federal highways - open to all (American citizens). There could be other platforms, as well, that are privately-owned, but this could work as a bunker when we are under attack. A safe place for Americans.

There is an older NYT's weekend magazine that has a pic of the Google Logo on its cover. It came out about two years ago? A year and a half, maybe? It mentions a couple who created a Google-like search engine. Could be useful. But for social media, there are platforms already in existence that just need broadband. Give it to them. Senator Kennedy out of Louisiana might be helpful with the Spectrum/FCC approach. He's well-informed.


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