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Is Gang Stalking Real ? Off Topic

The term gang stalking was used by ex FBI agent Ted Gunderson.
Gang stalking isnt anything knew. Jesus was a victim of it. In the U.S stasi tactics are indeed used .
Citizens on patrol: Community Policing and The Territorialization of Public Space

Social sanctions are indeed used in the U.S. When Citizens Corps programs can operate in groups to target people as a non profit rhat shows that is willing to operate outside.

Ive personally witnessed the Citizens Corps programs working with the CIA etc. When people complain about the harassment the same people doing it are later used to suppousedly watch over the person but its down with sting ray tracking .

I swear under threat of perjury I have dirt on Citizens Corps and a variety of public & private partners that go back before DHS existed. I was a murder suspect in a case involving a USAF pilot way back. The CIA , USAF Office of Special Investigation , DOJ the FBI , sherrifs , U S Federal Marshals were all onboard on the case. After yrs of harassment I thought if I requested a polygraph it would end. I passed the polygraph 18 times.

Gang stalking is nothing more than organized harassment . It occured during Cointelpro and its worse now due to so many stakeholders being used to intrude and harass people.

Funny thing about the hypocrisy its being linked to some sherrifs . Recent Tampa article presented a story about a sherrif targeting people based on IA . Cops were told to make targets lives miserable.

Nothing good comes from harassment especially a cuban style police state. Think once covid is over Im filing for renunciation of citizenship. Freedom is worth much without privacy.

The term gang stalking has been adopted by Targeted Individuals which are comprised of ex DoD , NSA , Secret Service , professors , Subject Matter Experts etc There are groups which are trying to expose the corruption I pray they get justice and that all terrorism threats are exposed.

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