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Iodine, a preventive and curative agent in the COVID-19 pandemic? Off Topic

We recently published an article about the potential value of iodine in the fight against and prevention of COVID 19 infection. There are clinical observations, there is pathophysiological evidence, there are epidemiological data and there is animal research supporting this hypothesis. That is a lot more substantiation than the different medications that are tried in different trials.

In addition, we have recently received approval from the Medical Ethics Committee to start an investigation in the Netherlands with patients admitted to hospitals. Randomized and placebo controlled. Such research is innovative and will cause a paradigm shift if it proves to be effective.

It has been found that it is almost impossible to conduct such an examination, because the focus is entirely on medication. And especially pharmaceutical and financial driven.

Iodine has hardly any side effects, is very cheap, very easy to administer and therefore available for any country (rich or poor) if proven effective. In that case, lockdowns could be lifted very quickly.

No resistance is expected. In the Netherlands, research is now not possible as there are hardly any hospital admissions. In the USA there are many infections and hospital admissions, making it easy to set up our research. Since this is a global problem, America is very innovative and there is a lot of room for initiative, it is an ideal partner to conduct research into the effectiveness of iodine.


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