Border Security

Instead of a wall with Mexico, Develop Border With Projects That Benefit Both Countries.

A high volume of Mexican and South American citizens seek economic opportunity or political asylum in America at our border with Mexico. Desperation drives some to attempt unsanctioned border crossing, fueling a demand for "coyotes" who promise to secure illegal entry for money. This petition asks Alejandro Majorkas, our Secretary of DHS to solve the issues around a high volume of undocumented immigrants by putting Refugee Resettlement Zones and Enterprise Zones in a corridor along the border. In this way, those awaiting Green Cards or citizenship determination can be self-supporting during processing while creating jobs in construction, teaching and administration for US citizens.

It better serves the needs and philosophy of our "Nation of Immigrants" to take this approach. Economic development is the cornerstone. For instance, Mexico's reliance on natural gas is an opportunity for demonstrating carbon capture and use in industry. Existing Generation 3 or 4 nuclear power plants might also be supplied for the Mexican side of the border. These emerging processes can be bolstered with US venture capital and used to supply the electric power for entire border zone, as well as providing water from Desalination plants. Recreational trails with accompanying camping areas in this border area will expand employment opportunities for US Parks Service. These projects would be a good use for the drug money seized from "El Chapo", rather than a wall, which provides only costs, no positive benefits.


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