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The Constitution of the United States of America was written and signed by immigrants, for immigrants. "Land of the Free!" (…as slavery shamefully continued for many following generations.)

Some Americans boast of superiority, but reject those who seek the "American Dream." There is not one solitary reason a person or family flees to the United States of America. Some search for a better future; some for safety; some for freedom; some for greed (…but we don't talk about these immigrants, do we, Melania?)

People who are looking for a better life are not bad people. Bad people are those who imprison innocent living beings in despicable conditions. Those who profit from an industry of concentration camps a.k.a. detention centers, funded by the American government, the American tax-payer; they are bad people. Greedy capitalists that charge tax payers by capacity to imprison innocent lives, allow abuse of authority, and neglect the care of living, hopeful, scared, brave human life, seeking a better future; they are bad people. This is not a system that retains human goodness inherent in people seeking a better life, is it?!

Just as there is a significant need for police reform, there is a need to reform all positions of power that have been long abused here in the USA. There are infinite atrocities that have been contrived by the warped-minded border patrol/ICE employees who seek to torture. Separating children from their siblings, parents; it is torture. Consistently moving freedom seekers from one inhumane facility to another without any information on their present, past, or future location, where their family is, no access to legal representation, no use of a phone; it is inhumane. They should be provided with help; HELP THEM. Torturing people does not make a better world.

Genuine footage was shown today on TV, of a young boy, immigrant, walking alone without his parents. He was picked up by border patrol; scared, crying. He was separated from his travel companions. What will become of this beautiful human life? In the current system, torture awaits. Abuse. Neglect. Damage.

What if there was a sponsorship program?

What if there were a program set up like an exchange student program, but for immigrants?

What if the US Department of Homeland Security provided a website or a US citizenship request mailing address for those seeking asylum?

Some quick brainstorming for a solution:

• A nationally maintained database; international access.

• Persons or families with established contacts in the USA can arrange to stay with them.

• Community programs would be available to help immigrants with the path to citizenship.

• Jobs for newcomers created as tutors and citizenship experts to help the process for others move forward in a positive way.

• Those that don't have family could be either match up with/search and request in the national database for the family they would like to host them.

• Host families would be paid a stipend to assist their guests in getting permanent citizenship.

• The stipend would be funded by the atrocious amount of money currently spent (and hopefully saved) on privately run detention centers (a.k.a. concentration camps.)

• Provide a hotel, like Embassy Suites (pun-not a joke, but nice hotels; not prison camps) on the border for those that don't have a destination figured out, yet.

End the caging of human beings. Current conditions can cause irreparable psychological, emotional, and physical damage for the rest of their lives. Many of these families have family here in the USA and are just trying to join them. Let them. Help them. Register them. Help them with citizenship status. Help immigrants become the better people they strive to be.

There are empty houses all over this country; empty and abandoned malls, hotels, the list goes on and on. We should not have ANYONE living without a home unless by adult choice, and we should NOT have ANYONE looking for a better life put into a facility worse than our PRISONS.

Welcome to my brainstorm. Please share to promote new out-of-the-box solutions. SAVE HUMANITY.

Thank you for your time. I am graciously humbled by the attention given to my suggestion.

Sharrie, OR, Dem.


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