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Immigration - Tag and Track Passports of Tourists

(IF) we desire to address the fraction of the immigration condition, whereby, tourists come to the U.S. and never leave, then why don't we just Tag and track the Passports of Tourists. A single page in the passport could be hole-punched, and a USPS mini package tracking device could be hooked through the hole.


We create the policy that they must keep the Passport on them at all times. We will then know where tourists go and what they do, and it is no big deal.


Upon leaving the U.S. the tracker is removed from the Passport, and issued to the next traveler.


(IF) they are past their departure, or the passport stays in one spot for several days, or stops functioning. We locate the tourist.

(IF) we can not locate the tourist or the device appears to be removed from the Passport, (THEN) we have narrowed down and identified a potential threat and can proceed accordingly.



2014 International Tourist Arrivals was 74.8 million

USPS POSTAL FACTS (You are guaranteed to like these enormous statistics)

USPS DELIVERS more than 155 BILLION items per year, and the Intelligent Mail barcode identifies individual pieces of mail, trays, sacks and containers of mail and tracks them through the processing system — from acceptance to delivery.

=>Tracking tourists at a basic level is certainly do’able



I have not considered the GIS systems used by USPS for other packages, the logistics, technologies, or expansion of services and personnel for this endeavor.

=>We know it is possible, but the cost/benefit ratio is unknown at this time


I'm not completely naive, I realize that this is going to be evaluated by enemies to find vulnerabilities, and the "technology race" will begin whereby we are continually finding ways to keep the USPS tracking device functioning as intended.


The condition and behavior can be incentivized: Good tourists who obey the Passport rules we desire them to follow, can be offered special duty-free deals and other tax or export incentives related to their souvenirs.



This may solve a fraction of the immigration issues that exist today, and lead to new Analytics programs and data in the process. Critics will say it is dehumanizing, and we simply raise the incentives until they shut up, or we point to the fact that our cellphones track us everywhere via a similar mechanism and yet no one complains about that.


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