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Immgration security system's problem

So many people who are foreigner experience inconvenience whenever they want to come your country.In my case I had stayed vancouvrr in Canada, I went to from vancouver to Seattle with my family. It was maybe November in 2012 or 2013. But I forgot my passport brining to USA at that time. So that's why my record remain still now!. Whenever I come to USA, I always have to go to immigration center. I always feel bad because it was simple mistake(forget passport) The problem is so many people same as me. Maybe your system need kind of level. If you make the system, your labor force will be reduce and also foreigners complaint too. Please check my identity. My passport number is M30689387(South Korea). I work for USA company which is medical device company. The name is Boston Scientific which is very famous. I'm manager in Korea. That's why I have many chance come to USA. If you have some good system, we will be happy together. Thank you.



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