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Identification of DVEs by use of legal craft used to tie up the government

24 September 2015 – Updated: 20180411

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The Nature of the Robert Hansen Betrayal

The fog was dense in the night. A lone figure was affixing a black trash bag of classified documents to the underside of a bridge over a stream in the park. It is called a "dead drop" in the world of spies. As he walked down the path toward a sign he tore a piece of white tape off the roll he had in his pocket. He placed the tape on the sign so that his "friends" could see if from the road. Suddenly he heard the words, "Freeze... you are under arrest!" from the S.W.A.T. team that had surrounded the area and hid in the fog. Robert Hansen's days of freedom and spying were over. Robert Hansen was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) agent who sold America's secrets to the Russians for years (McGeary). We know he was a spy for the Russians. We know he sold them state secrets. We know he is in jail now – charged with espionage and conspiracy to commit espionage (Writer, It is clear that there are spies among us. What follows is my extrapolation of what the Russians are doing with the classified information. I'll look at some media events and focus on a group called the Sovereign Citizen (sometimes known as The Patriot) Movement and how the Russians are using the Nazis in the United States to start a race war and divide our nation so it can be conquered – economically first then with the actual breakup of the states in the union. Yes, that is right. States will actually start seceding from the United States in order to avoid paying for an eighteen trillion-dollar federal deficit.

First, as the United States continues to be in a state of perpetual war decade after decade, the country has morally rotted from within. Some states are in direct rebellion from federal authority by decriminalizing Marijuana. Again, I see the Russians pushing us toward a tipping point. A country addicted to drugs will be much easier to conquer and lead into submission than a nation of drug free citizens. The Russians are trying to defeat the United States without firing a shot. "The United States will fall from within" (Unknown, The federal debt is part of this Russian plot. The national debt clock says the federal deficit is $18,385,979,900,000 and that the debt per citizen is $57,148. It further states that the debt per taxpayer is $154,549. Notice that the money owed by the citizens is not the same as the money owed by the taxpayers. Quietly the Russians have recruited people and financed them with off-shore accounts, diamonds, trust funds, and other bribes.

Second, as all of these factions tear the United States apart from the inside I bet our real enemy is laughing at us. It must have taken years to recruit and develop those key individuals in the banking institutions (like C.E.O.s) that are responsible for the financial crisis we find ourselves in today. I wonder how our enemy found those key people and my answer is how about an F.B.I. agent using "dead drops". All they have to do is pay him. Robert Hansen and the Russians are behind some if not most of these groups and institutions. At one point the United States was losing nine (9) banks per month due to some really strange accounting methods. Since October 1, 2000 the United States has lost 540 banks (FDIC Failed Bank List). I would say the leaders of those banks had some Russian backed off-shore bank accounts (flush with cash from Russian bribes) while they played around with the United States banking system.

Finally, The Sovereign Citizen movement has been declared a domestic terrorist origination by the FBI (Writer). Timothy McVeigh (who blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma) was a Sovereign Citizen and followed many of their values and beliefs (community). Timothy McVeigh's recipe for the bomb he would use in Oklahoma City came from a patriot friend (Linder). I have read what the FBI says about the Sovereign Citizen movement but they are leaving a lot of the details out; and I wonder why. If you are hearing about Allodial Titles, Title 42 United States Code, the phrase, "without prejudice U.C.C. 1-207 ", the term "non-assumsit", not paying taxes, and renouncing one's U.S. Citizenship then you are probably in the presence of a Sovereign Citizen. They seem to have close ties to the white supremacist groups who like to kill people and run around with the Confederate and Gadsden (yellow flag with a snake) flags. There are 784 hate groups operating in North America and 147 Neo-Nazi groups (Unknown, Southern Poverty Law Center) One of their (Nazi) members, Dylann Storm Roof, was arrested for killing several black people while they were attending a church bible study (Robles). He was actually trying to start a race war (Atlanta BlackStar).

How long will it be before the United States goes bankrupt? When will China (another Communist enemy that owns $1.712 trillion of the debt) (Amadeo) demand payment on the United States debt? If there is still a United States after the Russians kick off a race war in America and provided there are still states in the union of states we may see the Sheriff in every county start giving all the land owners their new mortgage even if they already have one.

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