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I cannot believe our whole country is being disrupted due to politicians putting illegal aliens before U.S. citizens. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I AM APOLITICAL!!! The non-rational tribalism and disruptive grandstanding has to end, it is damaging our government, our security, and our economy. Foreign adversaries love it, these issues are disrupting normal businesses, supply chains and our overall society. It damages our development and prosperity because investors don’t want to navigate this non-sense, and it makes us look like idiots on the world stage. As these issues drive a wedge between the people and their Government, this condition becomes fertile ground for the creation of local dissidents and operatives that advance foreign agendas, some people may even act as opportunist traitors to our country and engage in criminal activity or espionage during the shutdown, or exacerbate the problem, or aid and abet illegal aliens further while we are handicapped.



=>Most people fail to consider that when you have a FINITE budget and resources, every choice FOR one group or item, is a choice AGAINST another group in need, or item that we really need.

=>We NEED AND MUST manage our own national obligations FIRST (such as keeping the Government running) before we can start managing the poverty and other problems originating from other countries.

=>DACA example: if each nation of the world were represented and enabled to "live the American Dream," this would mean that 0.5% of kids would come from each separate UN recognized nation (e.g. 0.5% would come from Mexico). Instead 80% came from Mexico. Meanwhile, last year my local orphanage that my business supports needed 600 new winter jackets, and 400 new quilts, and didn't meet its minimum requirements (what about their dreams or even minimum needs?). Recent Hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, and mainland Texas don't have their requirements met yet either. This is pathological, because it means we are supporting foreigners and we have not even managed/met our own domestic obligations first.



=>Life is not a lottery filled with infinite money and instant gratification. I estimate the reason leaders give away our money is that certain leaders have grandiose delusions about the U.S. having an infinite budget useful to improve their own status, they shift money wherever they want to, enhancing their short lived approval ratings, never consider the long-term consequences, don't care about fixing the U.S. roads and problems, don't want to concern themselves with building up the U.S. residual capacity (e.g. in case we are hit by a hurricane) and just give it all away. They enjoy playing Robin Hood with the citizens money that should be earmarked for our orphans, our soldiers, the recent Hurricane victims, our aging infrastructure, our injured heroes and first responders, our border wall, our National Security Programs, our Foreign Intelligence collection PIR's and our warfare apparatus (e.g. to end the ISIS caliphate).

=>Essentially, this is redistribution of wealth from the U.S. to foreigners. If we analyze this a bit more, we find that our society is being systematically engineered against us, e.g. to delay and deny our economic development, and potentially to transform the country, meanwhile our war heroes become homeless, and those compromised (e.g. U.S. disabled, elderly and children) suffer. FINITE budgetary constraints means we have to choose one group over the other. From my viewpoint, MS 13, drug dealers, and other illegal aliens who are living off of the welfare system, sit home, play videogames, watch TV all day, do drugs, and sell drugs do not deserve my hard earned money more than my local orphans.

=>When leaders take courses of action that shift money from the U.S. citizens to foreigners, what does it achieve? They do not seem to like us any more than they already did. I would argue that leaders that give away our hard earned money are moving us closer towards a socialist end-state or worse COMMUNISM. I believe in Capitalism, it rewards hard work and sacrifice and makes us stronger. If we trace the end points of income redistribution, we find that is also coopted in an effort to make everyone equal. Making everyone equal is COMMUNISM!!!



If I decided to have 10 kids, can’t pay for it, then dumped them on the steps of your house today, and demanded that you take care of them, OR ELSE YOU ARE A RACIST AND A BAD PERSON, is that fair? Or is that irresponsible? If I demand that you take care of my 10 kids now OR ELSE I’m going to shut down the Government, (and then you won’t get your paycheck and be able to feed your own kids) is that fair? Or is that foreigners disrupting our entire country?



Who is really behind this Government Shutdown disruption? Selfish Politicians? Has the swamp finally subverted the Government and disrupted the country the whole country? Mexican operatives that want to move the Mexican border North or use the U.S. as their welfare system? Other foreigner adversaries EXACERBATING the Government shutdown with the M.O. of attrition and economic warfare, (handicapping our Government)? Complacent Americans who are too lazy to fight to keep their own money from being usurped and being given away? All of the above?


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