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How to STOP school shootings

The shootings in our schools is intolerable and people are desperate for a real solution, understandably so. As a parent of six adult kids and the grand father of 18 grand kids and 11 great grand kids, I join with everyone else in desiring our kids to be safe and not worrying about going to school and whether or not that day they may be shot or killed; I can't imagine what that must be like for our kids; it has to stop.

I am a retired theme park designer and product developer, and I have designed and patented a non-lethal device that will quite literally quell these shootings. It has six distinct, tried and proven components that will rapidly unquestionably stop any aggressor within the devices area of influence and will immobilize and incapacitate them until the law-enforcement can arrive and apprehend them.

Our students and even adults need and deserve to be protected. Hiring veterans and security personal or even having police at every school through out each school day and when the school buildings are open at all, is a very expensive proposal and one that is inadequate to stop a shooter. Metal detectors are great and work very well however, they are not cheap and require trained and armed personnel to operate and to stop a threat. If they need to shoot at an armed person(s), their bullets are now just as dangerous and can kill others just as well as the shooters. This creates a shooting gallery in the same way arming teachers will do the same thing. Is this acceptable? In the military, of which I am a 10 year combat veteran, we called this collateral damage. This means that there is an anticipated percentage of casualties expected given a certain scenario. Is this an acceptable mindset, not for me.

I want our kids safe and the only way to realistically do that 24/7/365, is a sentinel device that has the capability of actually stopping a shooter without firing a bullet, without harming anyone. Something that presents such a deterrent that a shooter would not risk being captured alive and their plans failing, something that would put fear in their hearts instead of the public's. The only device I know of is called ODSDS which stands for Offensive Deterrent & Sensory Disruption System.

For further information and applications please go to [email protected] Please pass this on. I have expended what resources I have in designing, patenting and making the prototype, so I am currently looking for someone to help bring this to the world. Its sad to think that our world has not gotten better but worse in this area; we all need this device. A picture of ODSDS is below.


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