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High Risk Dispatch Supervision and Conflict Resolution Off Topic

Conflict resolution is a crucial tool in today's society. No we're is this more evident then in our Military and Policing , we're resolving conflicts often result in the use of deadly force. We no that resolving conflicts are very important in society for the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and other's.

In law enforcement and the military , conflict resolution often involves violence or necessary use of lethal force ending with the loss of life. This can be very traumatic and certainly calls for therapy , or some other kind of confirmation assuring the officer or military officials that they we're resolving conflicts and that's part of there role. But what about the psychological build up and support before the conflict begins.

When police officers get dispatched to calls involving suicide , domestic violence or ( calls to homes with a history of domestic violence ) , armed suspects or any call that has an advanced warning to it as a potentially dangerous call, the officer's should be mentally preparing for the worst possible conflict resolution. Wich includes contacting a supervisor to have them monitor the situation either in person or via open mic radio. Call for additional units to help deescalate the subject with numbers and also establishing there role as a conflict resolution specialist performing there duty to protect the general public and themselves.

The purpose of this process ( which I will go into further detail in the next paper ) is to psychologically prepare for a use of deadly force conflict resolution . Allowing the officer's to deal with the conflict at hand so they are less likely to over respond when it is not necessary to use deadly force. For example , when an officer is faced with a life or death situation , and he or she does not respond with conflict resolving force it could cause a break in there psychological conditioning , that could cause them to over compensate with conflict resolving force when it is not necessary in a separate incident in my opinion.

Perhaps the best remedy to over reactions by our armed services officers and military is to confront the issues of there roles in society when it comes to the use of deadly force in conflict resolution and help them mentally prepare before the event happens. Miss placed anger is a relevant issue that psychologist see all the time in serial killers and other violent offenders. When some of us don't resolve conflicts when they occur , the stress seems to build up and gets released on innocent victims. We need to assume that this condition in my opinion also would apply to men and women in all walks of life including our police and military.


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