Border Security

Hi Tech Border Wall feasible

A high tech border wall is feasible, and can work as follows. First, purchase radar technology developed by Volvo to detect moving moose, elk, and kangaroos on roads day or night and adapt for people size and speed. This technology is already established and implemented in Volvo cars in Europe, US, etc. Then, set up a radar network across some/all common border crossings, using this technology. Second, when the network detects a crossing, mobile field agents on patrol (also with radar) are notified. To search and intercept. Third, one needs also to detect tunneling under border crossings, immune from above-ground radar. So, use airborne radar ground sensing technology to scan border crossing.This worked fine to detect the innards of the pyramids under masses of stone. Let the specifics be unknown and unpredictable. And, while the tech wall above is being developed and tested, let the mobile field agents with radar hold the fort.



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