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H4 EAD Review

Dear DHS Team & Honorable Secretary Nielsen,


I understand DHS is pursuing a review of H4 EAD policy(revocation) as it has come to the forefront since honorable Trump administration has taken over.

My wife is a beneficiary of H4 EAD and therefore I thought it best to present my views regarding the same & a snippet of reality on this forum. I very much hope that this post finds its way to the right decision-making eye and ears.


H4 EAD holders are the spouses of H1-B visa beneficiaries who have joined the Green Card backlog queue which has a wait time of 6 - 7 decades of now. That itself is a separate discussion.


H4 EAD beneficiaries are a part of families which are on their way to Permanent Residency in the USA. These families are going to become a part of American economy in due time. Majority of these families have made upgrades to their lifestyles/investments in USA & started little businesses which is a direct result of H4 EAD.

These families have come out of their 1 bedroom apartments and bought houses as they saw their American Dream realizing in some way or the other. There is no point in hurting these immigrant families who are already, legally, on a harrowing path towards becoming American citizens in 60 - 70 years.

Revocation of H4 EAD will force these families back to the times when they landed in USA with a sole bread earner. They will be seen scrambling to put heir lives back on track after the H4 EAD breather is snatched back from them. A friend of mine is finding it hard to decide what to do with his house(if his wife looses the job to H4 EAD revocation) which he bought a year ago, sell it for a big loss or just let the bank foreclose.


Further I can assure you that Skilled Legal Immigrants(who have filed for Permanent Residency) are not the Low-Wage employees anymore who only send money back home. We earn better compared to what we did a decade ago but we need a lot more assurance & support from this great nation to put our money at work. We wish to join the main stream lifestyle and come out of our holes. A lot of us did that at the first sight of H4 EAD which was a big boost to our family incomes.So please do not take it back. It is going to hurt us families and our kids bad. And as of today H4 EAD workers accounts up to a mere .15 %(approx.) of total # of jobs in USA.

This number will go up in future but only for good reasons and a healthy American economy. You need to stop seeing us as aliens who are taking away jobs from Americans because down the line we will be boosting the American economy in every way like an American citizen does.


And We are the ones ready to help you build That Wall !


Yours sincerely,

A Legal Immigrant


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