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How to find your opponents who dress and act like our own.

Our ship can fly, our ship will be triangulated from within and multiple parties. So, being dreaming creatures whom can communicate our dreams, whom seek our dreams we can spot "an-archists" by opposing our motis operandi in a playful intentional way. The owl knows except when you force it to pivot... It controls us with society and government which is how we make order, it makes dis-order. If we make mistakes intentionally, or Opposite Day, we can sort these people because, some people prefer no order and doing as the please while we behave under our structure. They mirror us. If we begin using signs to throw them off we can create our own path if our goal is to throw them overboard. For example: if I go the long way, than I will be followed. If I am followed, than I need to drag others with me or I'll be sacked. If I threw them overboard than they'll be pissed and annoyed and I'll drag them towards their superiors who will be upset they're even talking... Pathology. If I continue than they'll mirror me more and be distracted and we use sign and communication with the objective of throwing them overboard through intentionally making more mistakes and playful dreaming sorting these people out because they play for sh&t. They do not believe in our cause they want freedom of another sort. They do like moving freely without structure while we built the structure to catch them. Teamwork through showing up late. Teamwork through not crossing you i's and doting your t's. Funly, because you guys are the only ones privy anyways, correct? Play for the future. People 10 years from now will laugh at your rubber stamping. They dream too. Give a man a fish... while we are wetting our peers we can export of brand until the ships roll up on us. The owl pivots so, if society than, government cracks down. If government than, society MUST protest as the next move, it's our dream and privilege and right to protest. If government cracks down more than, you have your men. And you use more signs and fun to frustrate them. You let air out of their tires. You order them pizzas...


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