Academic Engagement

Get Academia up-to-speed with cyber

The USA needs to aggressively incentivize and recruit cyber experts to fill a 4.2 billion dollar gap. Students need affordable access to curriculums which will allow them entry into the job market. Current academic programs are years behind industry and government. This is presumably due to the slow-moving gears inherent to any large institution. The problem is that universities are now primarily focused on generating revenue, and maintaining an out-dated system of accreditation — they have lost all touch with current realities. This is especially true in the fast growing and critical field of Information Management Systems or Cybersecurity. Our national security is reliant on filling the estimated 4.2 billion dollars gap with qualified professionals to defend and protect.


Incentivize programs which are effective, current, and agile and which align with national goals. Defund programs and universities who are unwilling or unable to provide current critical curriculum.


Route some government funding or scholarships to students wishing to enter this field.



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