Border Security

Gang-stalking and USA Border Security

Having lived in South Florida for the last 2.5 years, I have been appalled at all of the illegal immigration that I am seeing. Most of the immigration is Latino people who are here without proper documentation. Overall, the influx of undocumented people coming into this country has produced a sub-class of people known as gang-stalkers. Gang-stalkers participate either knowingly or unknowingly in gang-stalking, a program that is meant to harass, intimidate, dismantle, and eventually kill a targeted individual (or a T. I.). Tactics include breaking and entering, synchronized obstruction of movement, synchronized vehicular obstruction of movement. synchronized space-crowding, false police calls and derived police harassment, the spread of biological weapons and attacks, and food contamination. Part of what I do occupationally is document live instances of gang-stalking that I experience every day and post them online.

Feel free to see some of my YouTube videos to witness for yourself how gang-stalking operates and how I interact with it. Here is the link to my live, raw and uncut, and candid video collection as I go about my daily business and encounter gang-stalking.


I believe that with proper congressional legislation, military interference, and hyper-vigilance from the American people, both illegal immigration and gang-stalking will cease to exist.


I have further enclosed a video interview that I did with Shavon Anderson of WRGT-TV / WKEF (FOX 45 and ABC 22) Nightly News. The interview concerns measures that I took, which included starting a community watch network, in 2017, to combat gang-stalking activity in my Dayton, Ohio neighborhood.


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