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Foreign Nationals Accessing US Based Website and US Citizens Medical Data

Currently here in South Korea as an Army retiree using South Korean hospital usually with the hospitals "International Clinic(s)", when I receive local South Korean medical care and covered under Tricare Overseas plan, the foreign nationals that work in these International Clinics have an account on the Tricare overseas US-based website and also submit Tricare claims for me. This means they also have access to US citizen's medical data through this Tricare website in the US. It is known also that there are more than South Korean foreigners working in these INternational clinics. I have personally talked to several foreigners that handle my claims and medical information that are from Uzbekistan and other countries that have Korean ancestry. Has Homeland Security vetted this process? I have received feedback from the CC GISCOMBE

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Here was the reply: Dear SSG Chambers, USA, Retired,

Good day. This message is in response to your concern regarding foreign medical providers accessing your medical data when filing claims on your behalf.

TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Providers

TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Providers are vetted to submit claims on behalf of a TRICARE eligible beneficiary. We have a dedicated team that assists TOP providers on how to submit claims and resolve billing issues.

They also research credentialing guidelines for TOP-countries as well as maintain current credentials for all TOP providers. Lastly, they conduct site surveys ensuring that the medical facility meets International SOS standards. In essence, these providers are vetted by (missing data here)

This allows the provider to accept your deductible and/or copay or cost-share and submit the claim on your behalf so it is cost-effective to TRICARE eligible beneficiaries.

If you still have concerns regarding foreign nationals submitting claims on your behalf, you do have the option to pay upfront 100% and you will have three years from the date of service to submit the claim for TRICARE covered services for reimbursement minus deductibles and cost shares. Simply speak with the billing department and inform them that you will submit your own claims.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your TRICARE benefits, please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at +1-215-942-8393 option #6 or via email to [email protected] For country-specific toll-free contact information, visit .


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