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Foreign Aid Oversight Needs to be Overhauled


This topic briefly examines problems associated with U.S. financial oversight, hundreds of Billions in financial-gifts of foreign aid, and overspending on various foreign assistance programs (that do not benefit U.S. citizens).


-------------------------------------------------- KEY ISSUES--------------------------------------------------------


1. BORROWING $ FROM FOREIGNERS, THEN GIFTING IT TO OTHER FOREIGNERS: Currently we are essentially borrowing money from China et Al. and giving it away to other foreign countries, and we are then saddled with the debt for generations to come (THIS IS THE CRAZIEST IDEA, WE OBVIOUSLY DO NOT HAVE ABUNDANCE ANY MORE, WE HAVE HUGE DEBTS, AND SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT). Given this trend, and (with ever increasing borrowing and giving), might we reach a threshold of non-sustainability at some point. Also, given that China’s strategies tie into their hedging to de-throne the Dollar and make the Yuan a key international currency, isn’t the attack on our National Products, intellectual property, devaluing the Dollar, diminishing out manufacturing industry, contributing to our debt via treasury security purchases while dodging their fair share of Global security costs and burdens, all part of this Chinese economic warfare apparatus, and part of their long-term calculous to eliminate the U.S. competition (which presents yet additional man-made economic destabilization threats to our society from a National Security viewpoint).

EXAMPLE: (False narratives employed)

Some officials brag about how they took the Bush economy and made everything wonderful again (By borrowing tons of money from China, Japan and others to fund many programs that should have been cut). Now our economy is approaching a sustainability issue with a $20 trillion National deficit, with a 1% growth rate, over $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, and manufacturing problems impacting our industrial base the likes of which we have never seen. We must rethink our foreign aid policies, and debt trend issues and borrowing of money to gift to other countries. More information on this topic is introduce here:



2. CPI, THE TEST OF FITNESS FOR FOREIGN COUNTRIES TO RECEIVE AID: The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is the test I examine here, whereby Transparency International (TI) has published the (CPI) since 1995, annually ranking 178 countries by their perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys. The CPI generally defines corruption as the misuse of public power for private benefit whereby Norway is ranked#1 as having the least corruption in the world, and N. Korea and Somalia were the most corrupt (and have high conflicts and blood shed).

In an article written by Dr. Matthew Crosston called “American Non-Security Foreign Aid: The Swamp of Misguided Good Intentions,” he took this CPI test a step farther, and listed the countries that the U.S. gives aid to and their CPI rank (RESULT: it is egregious). See this URL here:

EXAMPLE: (here are countries receiving aid from the U.S. that need to be re-evaluated because of their horrible CPI) Within this article Dr. Crosston defines the use of the Corruption Perception Index to test whether many foreign countries should receive funding/aid/gifts from the U.S., and generates a large list of problematic aid gifts to incredibly abusive regimes.

TOP RECIPIENTS OF U.S. FOREIGN AID DESIGNATED FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and associated CPI rank: (Recall a low #1 is the least corruption and a high #178 is the worst corruption)

Afghanistan - Rank 166

Pakistan - Rank 117 (2 years earlier 154)

Ethiopia - Rank 103

Nigeria - Rank 136

Sudan - Rank 165

Kenya & Uganda - Rank 139 (tied)

Tanzania - Rank 117

Zambia - Rank 76 (2 years earlier 130)

Mozambique - Rank 112

Ukraine - Rank 130

Democratic Republic of Congo - Rank 147

Malawi - Rank 112

South Sudan - 163

Iraq - 161




(In concession, we must at times consider that if leveraged “the right way,” the money we give could be worth it on a case by case basis)

First off, some countries appear to need enticements to stay Democratic (one example is how long will it be before China attempts to turn Nicaragua to Communist given their former history and the canal project). Additionally, China’s dollar diplomacy in the West Indies is a method employed to secure UN votes (secured via secret Memorandums of Understanding), and obviously they bargained/bartered their way into OAS as well. There are other non-obvious consequences, whereby (post-dollar-diplomacy) China insinuates itself into regions it was never before, with new “legitimacy” whereby it can attempt military practice with these nations, sell them military equipment, (COUNTERFIT BRAND NAME MERCHANDISE SEEMS TO MAGICLLY MAKE ITS WAY INTO LOCAL STORES), build ports, and officially from the Communist Party dept. inevitably visit and meet with the local labor parties and others to discuss “Golf” no doubt. Some of said nations issue Naturalization papers to Chinese operatives at a price as well (we saw a few of them busted and deported in Canada), etc.

=>Point being, it is a form of soft power to give money to these countries, and could be leveraged in certain circumstances. However, as it stands (and as estimated by Dr. Crosston), essentially many opportunities and benefits are lost through inaction, and corruption.

=>See this topic for further details: CHINA IN OUR SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE


----------------------------------------------RELATED ISSUES---------------------------------------------



I’ve also written that the socialists of the world would love to see the U.S. become the Global welfare system, on top of the Global Police officers. See these topics for further details about the financial troubles we face now, and implications that follow if we do not STOP LOSSES:





We are also giving money away within our country to illegal aliens domestically as well (e.g. which is contributing to the sanctuary city local financial deficits). Some officials want to give welfare to illegal aliens, but not from their own pockets (they take it from taxes which came from our pockets and thus citizens do not benefit), then officials proceed to complain they don’t have any money and let our roads suffer, no community programs, no lights in Detroit, California is 11 Billion in debt, the Social Security System may become underfunded or defunded, peoples pensions are being renegotiated etc.

=>Why do Illegal Aliens get to ride the “Gravy Train with Bisque Wheels,” but the rest of us do not and must suffer in the process?

See this topic for further details:




Some officials might complain about CLOSING DOWN GOVERNMENT, meanwhile give away HUGE amounts of our tax revenue internationally to foreign countries that hate us, and domestically to illegal aliens that skipped the immigration line. How can we give away money then close down our own Government (that is pathological):

=> See the damage that giving money to people who hate us can have in this example topic:

Does Pakistan THREAT MATRIX Target Americans Abroad and in USA

=>Has dollar diplomacy worked in Pakistan (where they hid Bin Laden from us), or Iran (where they fired missiles at our ship weeks after we released billions of dollars in sanctions), or Iraq where we spent our time and money to train them (only to have traders shoot our people in the back)?


----------------------------------------------------- IMPRESSIONS-----------------------------------------------------


Foreign aid oversight needs to be re-evaluated, overhauled and monitored more closely in the future. The U.S. has been giving away too much money abroad, (in many cases rewarding bad behavior and no returns on investment are appreciated). Borrowing money from foreigners to give to other foreigners is compounding the economic problems in the U.S., and will become unsustainable at some point. Giving money to nations that will channel it to corrupt leader’s pockets is a waste, and may exacerbate foreign problems if the money is used to harm the citizens. On the other hand, the U.S. may need a program equivalent China’s to counter China’s activities, and thus continuous evaluation of the dollar-diplomacy situation is necessary. The U.S. could further coerce, obligate, and shame other countries to match their donations to development initiatives (especially oil rich Arab nations) if they choose to. From my viewpoint, we CAN NOT REWARD BAD BEHAVIOR, and the U.S. can benefit from gift giving (if) they are strategic, if they sign memorandums of understanding, and (under the circumstance that they need to counter an adversaries dollar-diplomacy activities). If I were to give a cold-hearted bottom line generalization, I might be able to objectively say “Why are we COMPENSATING for other countries corruption, laziness, ignorance, and counterproductive habits that all filter into (and have led to) their present status and condition” when we have our own problems to worry about. This is evidenced by the debt clock, and the ability of any nation to develop itself under adverse conditions is evidenced by the converse example whereby Japan (which has almost no natural resources), and still manages to import raw materials, create products that the world desires, export, and develop their country, educates their people, and maintains a good standard of productivity, security, education and opportunity (because of how the people choose to spend their time and preoccupations).

=>Why can’t some officials accept that certain groups hate us, and/or are jealous of our prosperity, and/or do not accept our laws or way of life, and proceed forward accordingly (we can’t buy their love)?

=>Don’t we have unfulfilled local entitlements that need to be addressed, such as underfunded orphanages that deserve this money first?

=>Shouldn’t we use any excess we have to pay off our National deficit?

=>Shouldn’t we save anything we can, to build up our residual capacity?

=>Shouldn’t we fix our aging infrastructure?

=>Shouldn’t we use some of the money to upgrade our communications apparatus to be 100% interoperable?

The list of U.S. needs goes on and on, while we pretend to be something we are not (rich), rather we are an indebt Nation, with a 1% growth rate, and massive unfunded liabilities. Let’s rationally recalculate our posture and move forward, pragmatically (no delusions or grandiosities), and with prudence (great care for what we do and when we should do it).


-----------------------------------------------OTHER REFERENCES-------------------------------------------


About Transparency International

About CPI:

2015 rank map and table is here:

Foreign Assistance Data:


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