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For locations for COVID19 treatment why not encourage use of vacant Box Stores (Sears, K-Mart) or university dorms?

There seems to be a lot of talk about where to locate overflow facilities. Why not use something that is vacant?

One major area of vacancy throughout the US is malls, and in particular the #boxstores of Sears, K-Mart other chains that often had stand-alone stores and certainly stores with their own entrances.

The advantages are many--the stores are vacant, so no disposessing anyone. They have electric lines, air conditioning, and flat roofs allow other equipment.

They have parking--lots of it, not just for cars but for any modular units that Hospitals on the West Coast were using for overflow.

They have easy access as they are near highways, have traffic lights designed to get traffic in and out.

They have loading docks at the big box stores.


Another possibility would be college dormitories. Most colleges have shut down. Recently, one school offered its dorms as housing for medstaff who are either so short on time going home isn't feasible or who have to self quarantine because of their exposure. Hotels that have closed wings would also be sources.


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