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Fire and other hazards

A fire extinguisher system that uses a chemical mist to remove oxygen from the air. This could also work as a foam style product that quickly evaporates into a oxygen reducing vaper. This could extinguish a fire without creating water damage and mold and mildew build up from a sprinkler system. It could be installed as several independent units that work off of a remote, or smoke detection, or heat detection, or a laser system. It should be code to fireproof the surrounding area of the stove and dryer as these are two items in the house that are responsible for many house fires.


High temperature fabrics could be used for bed liners, Carpets, curtains , Couches, couch covers and can be woven into a comfortable material to help prevent house fires. A High Temp house wrap or spray could be used to line the inside walls to prevent fires and give a textured or smooth pattern. Electrical wiring should have a High temp inner lining that could help prevent electrical fires when paired with a rat chew proof coating. Wire nuts are a suspect concept as they can be improperly installed. A wire crimping tool or wire glue or paste could help hold a connection in the wire nuts and at electrical outlets and switches to maintain a strong connection.


Gypsum board should not be a material used for building houses. Many alternatives exist that can be easy to install and last much longer, stronger and fire and waterproof. Like a aluminum silica and high temp fabric combination with a waterproof adhesive and add air bubbles for a lighter more easy to cut product and could be faced with a high temp fabric.


Magnetic strip door and window seals would make an almost perfect seal and would prevent unwanted air flow into the house cutting cost in winter and help keep the house dry in flooding conditions. Also a lever latch door that pulls a tighter seal could also be effective. As air exchange is necessary for healthy indoor air quality because mold and mildew is naturally occurring in almost every wooden house a Hepa filter and a oxygen producing machine would be nice to have in a central air return. All wood products that build houses should be pretreated with a microbicide or some product that has a residual effect to minimize mold and mildew as should many building products. Concrete block should come pre treated with a sealant to minimize the moisture that flows through these highly porous block. Also, concrete block should come with four feet. This will allow the mason to worry less about the consistency of the mix of their mud and save them time by having to gently set the block in place as this is hard on the body after years it can destroy your back and shoulders. I know a few masons, like Tim Burse of Lafayette Georgia, who can no longer work a full day at there profession due to these health concerns. It will also save time on having to pull a string line as all the block should be exactly the same height after leveling the first run of block. This will also help add structural integrity to the structure.

Also a swimsuit.

Have a full body swimsuit with air pockets to keep you afloat and in a proper swimming position, like a life vest compromise concept for long Ironman type swims in case of a cramp up situation or for exhaustion. Could also work for surfing. To save lives and give people a safer long swim experience. And maybe webbed gloves.



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