Border Security

Failed States of the Union

California is a failed state and we must change it's constitution. We went to war with Virginia... We have to protect the west coast by reviving California because, we have allies in the west like: Hawaii; Japan; Korea; ect. We can restore a sensible state government and 2 Amendment state. We cannot afford the legislature changing the electoral college will California ignores it's election integrity. We can achieve a defined victory taking back California for America before the all leave the state east.... Marxism is not how this country has been successful and is the ground work being laid for tyrants to claim all property right. We mustn't allow mob rule in black block to intimidate us by breaking windows... We have a responsibility to fight, god forbid, to restore order in this state. Civil and Religious liberty are not negotiable; under tyranny the whole world loses liberty. The innocent and unborn who cannot fight are being betrayed by all of us if we do not fix our failed states and lose the Union.


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