Encourage those with disabilities to use their unique talents to detect threats and protect the homeland

Those with sight, hearing, or mechanical (walking/ambulating/amputations) impairments have a unique and important role to play in being the eyes and ears for safety in the disabled community. Criminals may look upon the disabled as easy targets, but the unique gifts that have been given these individuals (increased ability to hear and distinguish sounds for the blind), access to paraolympic and other disabled sports communities for those with physical disabilities like amputations (the ability to report individuals within these communities that are suspect or dangerous), and similarly for the hearing impaired or those with other disabilities. While those with neurological impairment may not be as effective in these roles, engaging the disabled community to do their part to help protect the country by surveiling their own communities and their surroundings at large with their unique talents and gifts not afforded able-bodied individuals (indeed, many non-disabled individuals could only hope to attain their level of skill in some areas).


The DHS could engage with disabled individuals with unique talents and skills that might make them appear less threatening or more inconspicuous to criminals or threats to detect and help prevent security incidents. Often, these individuals are ignored or otherwise brushed aside by society. By giving them a chance to showcase their talents, they could prove valuable to the security of the disabled as well as society at large.


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