Open Data

Encourage Data Brokers and Big Data Firms and Innovators to Put Their Talents to Use for The Public

With data science, AI, and the collection of public data at new heights, we should engage data innovators to create open data portals and open data approaches that benefit the public and public safety at large. There are a number of crime map companies and other data portals that list hazards and threats like wildfire dangers, pollution, and drug activity. What if we encouraged these data scientists and citizen-scientists at large to collect data about their local communities, specifically safety and threat data, and provide that to local neighborhood watch programs on the local level - where people can most easily use the data? Too often data gets hoarded in consultant trips to board rooms and other obscure locales out of public view. We should encourage data innovators to develop innovative ways to provide open data to local communities and the public that will increase their ability to report suspicious individuals and threats, highlight threat trends such as crime and other suspicious activity, and engage people directly where they spend the majority of their time - which is usually staring at their phones, a computer screen, or another device. We should provide incentives for people to get involved at a local level and provide people at a local level with more innovative "open data" to improve their community's safety and resilience writ large.


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