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I am taking the time to email you because your employment process is broke. I service my country for 22 years before I retired in 2018. In the last two years I have applied for CBP under homeland security and both time I have been medically disqualified for my disabilities that I received while in service base on the medical documents that I turned in. How can your medical professional determent how a person can perform on his duties base on his believe? How does he know that I will not be able to take someone down if I have to? Your medical professional have not seen me physically preform those tasks but the Doctors who filled your addition documents did and concluded that I was fit to perform all the tasks that come with this job. When I was down range as an Army Commander in a combat zone under the same medical conditions I was considered a Hero, now your organization treats us (veterans) as a liability. For this reasons I feel that your organization is discriminating against us Veterans and our medical disabilities that we acquired while servicing our country.


I recommend that your organization should come up with a Medical Board where they actually see the applicant physically and have them go through different tasks to determent weather or not the applicant is physically fit for the job instead of them saying that "I Think" or "I believe" this applicant is not fit base on the medical documents. All we are asking is for a chance to continue to service and protect our country. Do not tell us that you believe or think that we can do our job, let us show you we can because we are physical and mentally tough!!!


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