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EMP Preparedness. (Electrical Magnetic Pulse) Off Topic

Is the DHS doing anything at all to prepare as well as protect our nation from an EMP attack? If not, why not? Something this serious should NEVER be ignored!! An EMP attack could wipe out our power grid leaving us without electricity for many months, possibly years! This event or weapon, commonly known as an EMP, creates a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt or even destroy electronic devices and systems, potentially even the electrical power grid. An EMP can occur naturally, such as the pulse from a massive solar flare, but EMPs are also created by technological devices, typically nuclear weapons. The most frightening scenario is the detonation of several high-energy EMPs over an unsuspecting nation. According to some models, just a few of these devices detonated at a high altitude could wipe out all of the unshielded electronics and all power grids in the continental United States. I downloaded a very important audio file on this topic that I want you to listen to. If for some reason you cannot download the mp3 file, you can go here to hear it: After hearing this audio file urge DHS to protect our country from this threat!! Please do not continue to ignore this threat!!!


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